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Dating Alias Emails

Sometimes you want to protect your anonymity, especially early in dating or actively meeting people online. You can get a throwaway free email address pretty easily.

That's not what we do, though. We want to help you get a dating alias email that says something about what you're wanting in a man, woman, relationship...or fling. We'll help you spice up your online dating without hassling with tech issues or needing a second inbox to log into than the one you already have. Whether you're cruising online dating sites to find a lifetime partner or just a booty call, with our help it's quick and easy to "marry" your chosen dating alias email address to your existing,,, or type email service provider's inbox where you already send and receive emails.

Dating Alias Emails

Protect your anonymity with online dating, and make a statement of what you want with a dating alias email! You decide.