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Do you love Wildcats? So do many others in the growing community, from celtic mythology aficionados (to whom the animal is magical), animal lovers (source) and Scottish ancestry buffs, to students and alumni of ten (10) NCAA Division I schools (source), ten (10) Division II schools (source), and ten (10) Division III schools (source). And we mustn't forget the oil-drillers, military squads, and countless high school mascots in English-speaking countries around the world with perhaps millions of people that self-identify as 'wildcats'. For all the 'cool, calm cats' that ain't afraid to admit to having a 'wild' side from time to time...all of you are welcome here (and equal).

Better 'Alias Email' Address

And today, whoever you are, you can get the 'alias email' address you want to send and receive emails with for a lifetime: simply pay the one-time reservation cost for your choice (starting at just ONE DOLLAR), then choose a monthly ($4.75) or annual subscription ($47.50, 16.7% discount) to maintain your address. Each alias email package has a different non-refundable one-time reservation cost non-students will pay now upon signup. Click the following link for an explanation of all packages, with easy-to-understand examples of each package: reservation choices and costs.

Students with an active .edu email address don't have to pay at all, but can get the basic email address completely free with NO one-time reservation cost and NO ongoing subscription cost for up to 5 years.


The best part of the deal? You won't even need a new email inbox to log into and check or to send email messages, because we'll show you how to connect your new better email address at to the same email inbox you already know how to use (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc, see complete list of compatible Email Service Providers).

All email address packages come with the 90 day not-happy, pay-only-a-BUCK guarantee (also known as a "$1.00 trial"). So go ahead, see if your first choice 'alias email' address is still available...or not.

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