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About us

Thank you for visiting Look, we know you're here because your email address sucks. You set it up God knows how many years ago and switching addresses is a ton of work nobody wants...but thanks to three guys you never met before you're not stuck with only that crappy email address forever.

At our core, we are a group of three friends who have known each other since the sixth grade, some twenty years ago. We would play hoops in the parking lot of the West Buechel Community Center in Louisville, Kentucky.  You can read more about us below if you're stuck one day without more interesting reading material.

All these years later from playing as kids in the pickup basketball Streetball Showdown in the place they call Derby City ---- team name "3 Wheels & a Spare"-- we founded this company on March 22nd of 2016 based on a simple premise.

Picking an email address should be a personal and fun decision, and not be limited by your employer’s format, or by whatever string of gibberish letters and numbers strung together is available the left of the '@' symbil from,,, or type email service providers (see complete list of our compatible ESP providers).

We work hard to simplify the process of getting an 'alias email' that our customers will cherish for a lifetime, an email address that is meaningful, because it reflects an important part of your identity, and fun.

Our mission

To create simple, fun digital products to help regular people share what is important to them.  With, your email address becomes a hassle-free medium for personal expression because we help you get the tech stuff handled to have your new and better email @address set up to send and receive email messages from your existing email inbox. Gone are the days of the need for a second inbox login to meet all of your digital needs, both personal and professional. Same Inbox, Better @ddress. 

Our Story

A few inseparable best friends from middle school spent their spare time (and maybe some time their teachers and parents might not have called “spare”) playing  pickup basketball. One day, almost 20 years later, but still good friends, they realized that, somehow, they had become a group of thirty-somethings with a combined six figure student loan debt.

As friends, they thought of their student loan debt as "inseparable" debt for these once-inseparable friends. A world where students used to be able to work in the summers to pay for tuition, or seek reasonable student financing, so that they could enter the work world as well-paid, financially-stable professionals had changed. With different laws, and societal changes that seem to have devalued higher education and those who seek it, they found themselves, and many of their generation, wondering what had happened. How could they have worked so hard toward their goals in a university, and find themselves in outrageous, barely manageable debt? How they could continue to work hard as professionals and still for most of the friends find themselves, all these years later, still spending so much of their earnings on student debt? They, like so many others, realized that they would still be paying student debt on the day they died.

What kind of life is that? Together, these friends said NO. They decided they needed a different plan. They took charge of their financial future. They decided to live differently.

They hatched a business plan based on leveraging things they are passionate about so that they can genuinely enjoy life while making more money, and, most importantly, making people happy. Along the way they realized they could GIVE THEIR PRODUCT FOR FREE TO ANY COLLEGE STUDENT, and still make a profit. Yes, with a .edu address you can get a basic @ email address matching any of our product offerings for NO reservation cost and NO ongoing subscription cost. 

The rest, as they say, is history.

But really, we're still writing this...stay tuned.

Core Values Drive Our Business

What does it take to get up every day with a spring in your step? We believe that when people are happy, they produce their best for others. We also believe that a workplace and business should reflect the core values of the peeps that work there. Our performance is an example to others, and we want that example to inspire others, including our clients, to go after the best in themselves. Our story is our inspiration.

Core Values:

    • Great teams and great companies are inseparable. We have always been strongest together. Working together is our best way forward. No one is left alone. Unity is the only way
    • It’s been a long road to this place, and we’ve only just started. We will move forward to make changes that matter. Imperfect action is better than perfection realized. The small changes we make today will compound to make phenomenal results in the future.
    • We don’t know everything. We will learn.
    • We reject the idea that only the rich can get richer. We reject the idea that in order to get rich you have to take advantage of someone. We believe you can sell slices of happiness and that's what we want to do here.
    • We decide to begin with happiness. Money will not bring us happiness. We will earn money as a way to reduce its weight in our lives. It is not the ultimate goal, but a tool to remove debt and replace it with freedom.
    • We receive when we give. Our business has to truly help people.
    • We take ownership of everything we do. We will not duck responsibility, or make excuses. In business, the customer's satisfaction is key.
    • Humility is power. We take responsibility, ask questions, learn and adapt.
    • If it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth doing

Who we are

Sometimes we wonder how a group of guys who are so different became great friends in middle school. Through all our successes, failures, embarrassments, joys, and, let’s face it, starting with puberty, we have kept a bond even as entre years passed without's this bond that fuels our resolve to build a lasting business that moves us forward and helps others. We are accessible to you. Get to know us a bit. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

Danny Welsh - Founder, Head Coach

An entrepreneur, sales copywriter, dedicated reader of thriller novels, product innovator and inventor, lover of great southern barbecue and playing hoops, semi-successful real estate investor, texas hold ‘em poker aficionado, multiple profitable e-commerce store owner, green apple flavored candy junkie, domain name investor (and lessor and lessee), best friend of the coolest and most-well-behaved dog most people have ever met in their life, marketing and joint ventures consultant, diverse social circle connector (and people collector), auto-responder email cash machinist, non-common-sense-having (the proverbial flip side of the intelligence coin), non-television owning ( sixteen years) professional 'thinker', Danny Welsh is perhaps best known as the world’s most famous— and once highly paid— disposable lighter repairman (now retired).

Content Goddess (see bio below) note: Danny is also a lover of the run-on sentence. It’s hard to keep up with all the stuff in his brain. We love to, though, because he’s awesome.

As long as his head is attached to his shoulders, Danny has us all running to keep up. He makes cool stuff on the internet and is the Chief Marketing Officer for a number of entrepreneurial companies. Aside from being a founder, he handles marketing and media relations as well as some business development here at

LaMont Griffin - Founder, Customer Service Captain:

LaMont Griffin is trés excited about being from Louisville, KY. He has lived in Boston and in the DC area, but is happy to be back “home” again. He represents “The Ville” like a champ. Sometimes that involves a smooth bourbon, and he is happy to take one for the team, where bourbon is concerned.

Basketball is his second religion. He works for Sullivan University in financial planning, but that’s not really a religion for him. He adores his wife, two cutie pie children, and the color red. The wife and kids, though, are more important than the color red. In fact, we don’t think he would have mentioned red, if the Content Goddess hadn’t asked him about it. She’s like that.

His favorite animals are dogs and tigers. Try to get ahead of LaMont if you see him in an airport security lineup. He will slow down the line with all the football-injury-related metal in his body: plates and seven screws in each knee and a metal plate in his hip. Please, no pushing. Also, give him a seat on the bus, okay?

Since Lamont has some serious problem-solving skills and likes to chat up complete strangers on the regular, we made him the team Customer Service Captain. He's the guy you can hit up for a guaranteed smile if you're unhappy with our products for any reason. You can also call LaMont when you’re happy, or fairly neutral, but have some questions, or you’re lonely and there’s no basketball game on.

Scott Harlow - Founder, Product Specialist and "Top Secret" Researcher

Scott Harlow says he’s “not very interesting”. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Degrees from Embry, Riddle Aeronautical University, and Old Dominion University. He kind of sounds like a perpetual student (not that that’s a bad thing), living in his auntie’s basement (which might be a bad thing, depending on how many cats are involved), except he completed an MS in Systems Engineering and holds a security clearance that allows people access to submarine missiles. Not too shabby for a day job.

In spite of all the boring stuff he did while risking his life for his country, he has had eight years of basketball coaching at every level you can imagine, up to collegiate. He has taken teams to competitions in Philippines, Korea and Vietnam. Scott’s a newbie entrepreneur. We think he’ll catch on fairly quickly, so we’re giving him a chance to build up his confidence, a little, and to make his life more interesting.

Brandon Breshears - Digital Marketing Guy

Brandon likes furry animals. His software company helps veterinary hospitals attract and retain clients. Isn’t that sweet? Maybe his wife and two beautiful daughters influenced this big ol’ softie. Brandon is a digital marketer and entrepreneur. That’s one of the reasons why the gang lets him hang out even though he wasn't there during the company founders' middle school basketball days. Of the several successful real estate ventures he has started, he is proud of a Reg D real estate fund, and a specialty real estate brokerage. 

Aside from all that Dad and husband stuff, helping critters, or working real estate magic, you can catch him on his weekly digital marketing podcast for the veterinary industry. 


We will tell you more about Rohit later. So far, he’s so caught up in the basketball games going on, that he has not provided the Content Goddess with his details. Check back. It’s going to be great.

Bailey - Mascot & Director of First Impressions:

Meet Bailey, a youthful Black Labrador / Golden Retriever mix, who twice flunked out of the service dog program for canine companions. He now holds the dual distinction of being one of the cutest (opinion) and most photographed (fact) dogs in the entire world. Pictured here in his famous pink bra - which he wears out to “press the flesh” at breast cancer awareness charity events - Bailey enjoys chasing and catching Frisbees (also chewing them to pieces), wishing for pork chops, carrying around stuffed animals, long scratches on the belly, and posing for photos with his many admiring fans.

While this charismatic canine is an official member of the gang here at, his responsibilities are pretty small. He prefers his assistant to take care of these for him so he can pursue fun stuff like acting lessons, taking long naps filled with dreams of being chased by squirrels, drinking Coors Light and traveling first class. Like Bailey on Facebook, and see if you can keep up with this crazy canine.

Tekla Luchenski - Omniscient Observer, Content Goddess

Tekla is billed under the Mascot. Yes. And that’s okay. I am not one of the Founders, my school was K-8, followed by seven years of high school (long story with a happy ending, involving a high school diploma and a masters degree). Nery a middle school in sight. I don’t play or understand basketball. But I love to write content for these guys. I love their vision and tenacity. They are the real deal.

As a freelance writer, I’ve worked with one of the founders on many other projects. I know first hand that he believes and lives the Core Values set out here.

You can find me at I share the Core Value of making a living by doing what I love to do, while helping people achieve their goals. Contact me for your content, blog, SEO, article, or other content needs.