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Q: What is a 'domain' or 'domain name'?
A: You may have seen the word 'domain' or example '' on our site and wondered 'what is a domain, anyway?'. Let's answer that so you don't feel like you're the only one. A domain (aka 'domain name') is just an address on the internet, similar to an address for a property in the physical world. So is a domain. So is or for that matter. is itself a domain name, where our company has it's virtual "home" online. Each and every 'alias email' product we sell email names for is a domain name (e.g.,, and so forth). Notice how the domain name is to the RIGHT of the '@' symbol in any email address? Good. Lesson over.

Q: What is an alias email or email alias?
A: An alias email address (aka email alias) is like a "virtual" email address that points to your destination email address mailbox where your email actually resides (for most of our customers this destination inbox is often an existing @hotmail, @gmail, @yahoo, @aol or similar email service provider). Receiving mail "TO" your alias email is the same as getting it to your existing email address once you get the 'alias' set up in your email program (see complete list of compatible email inbox providers). With recent advances in technology, we can even help you set your alias email address up to send with as your "FROM" email address when sending email from the existing @hotmail, @gmail, @yahoo, @aol or similar email service provider you already use every day.

Q: How do I know this is legitimate?
A: It's pretty easy to 'out' scammers on the internet because you can fool some people all the time but eventually in the Internet Age scammers fool someone who fights back hard and ruins the crappy business's reputation online.

Our reputation is awesome and we have plenty of proof to offer that this deal for an 'alias email' address at the domain name of your choice listed on our product pages is absolutely legitimate. 

For example, go see for yourself that one of our 'alias emails' products is allowing you to get an email address at the domain name So what's on that domain name, anyway? Well, simply click or type that address into your internet browser URL bar (e.g. in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari etc)...and you'll see that sure enough there are indeed email addresses being sold for just about $50 per year (you save a few bucks over here).

Q: Why should I buy from Can't I just buy my email address from the link on,,,, etc?
A: We think you should buy here where you first learned it was possible to get this awesome alias email address that brought you here today. Is that fair? Here's a few "what's in it for me?" reasons beyond it just being 'fair'.

First, we like money :). We have arranged to earn some money when you do sign up through our company. Don't worry, we'll earn our money and you buying from us won't cost you more money (actually the opposite). When we earn money, we give a portion of it to philanthropy causes that matter (link coming soon for current and past projects).

Second, the process when buying on the main website for some of our domain name owning clients -- linked to from the top of some of the domains for which we sell alias emails, like,, and numerous others-- is pretty damn confusing in our opinion. 

Third, that site for instance also says nothing up-front about any extra reservation cost to reserve 'premium' shorter email addresses. It is pretty common sense, though, that the rarer something is-- and the more in demand-- the more it costs, right? Addresses like (common first name), or (2L initials or acronym combination with only 676 alphabetical possibilities), or (competitive business niche) obviously have more value. Probably just an honest mistake of them to leave that out, but we wouldn't want anyone learning after purchase that the price they thought they'd pay was increased. 

Fourth, not everyone has Paypal or wants a Paypal account (required over there). Here at Paypal can be used, plus any credit card is fine... and we even accept Dwolla, Bitcoin, Google Wallet and Amazon Pay.

Fifth, there's also the issue that it's our opinion that only the techiest of tech 'nerds' can quickly and easily figure out how to get your alias email address set up and working properly without some help, especially when bought directly from Over here we'll provide you with detailed tutorial videos and even jump on the phone with you. We've even been known to do some fancy computer screen-sharing if needed to make sure you can quickly and easily use what you've paid for: to send and receive emails from your new, better, email address using the same email inbox you already log into regularly.

That's why we asked the management team to become the exclusive, first re-seller to be granted the right to re-sell these valuable email addresses. We can even sell you your chosen alias email address a bit cheaper on the annual or monthly subscription because it's important to us that we get you a good deal (like we initially wanted for our own selves and families).

Q: I don't like what's on my 'alias emails' address website, what do I do?
A: Give the owners a reason to invest time and money into changing it to something people like better (including you). That starts with a vote of your money first to get the better @address to use in your own email inbox. Yes, we will be listening for ideas from our customers how they want their digital space to look, and make sure that gets communicated.

Q: Will you give me such-and-such famous person's email address with one of your @domains?
A: No, privacy is important. We can' stop you from guessing it, though. It's usually easier than most people think to guess someone's email address, since we as human beings can be pretty predictable when we pick them. Yes, even famous celebrities and sports stars are human, too. No more hints!

We'll be back to finish this soon. Until then, go ahead and ask a question.

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