Same Inbox, Better @Address. From $4.75/mo (free for .edu students)
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Alias Emails

Same Inbox, Better @ddress.

Picking your email address is now a more personal decision than ever. 

Your digital identity shouldn't be limited to what your job gives you or what string of gibberish letters and numbers is available from,,, or type addresses (see complete list of compatible Email Service Providers). That's bogus, man!

We work hard to simplify the process of getting an 'alias email' you will love to rock for a lifetime-- a kick-ass email address that actually MEANS something important to Y@U.

Pick a better @address reflecting an important part of your identity, and get set up to send and receive email messages from that bad boy without hassling with tech issues all by yourself or needing a second inbox to log into than the one you already have.


Select your chosen alias email address from the addresses available, enter your payment details, and check-out on our secure website. We won't charge you a cent for the subscription cost ($4.75 per month or $47.50 per year). Instead, we'll just charge only the non-refundable reservation cost you agreed upon (basic email names cost $1.00, premium as little as $19.50).

We'll then reserve your new and better alias email @ address and allow you to use it without any recurring cost for 90 days. If needed, during normal business hours M-F we'll  even help you over the phone until you get it connected up to send/receive emails from your existing inbox, whether you currently use,,,, or another ESP (see complete list of compatible Email Service Providers). 

 Go ahead and use your better alias email @ address! If you don't like your new AliasEmails email @ddress for any reason, or no reason at all, just contact us within 90 days of purchase authorization and we'll allow you to cancel having not charged you a single cent beyond the non-refundable reservation cost of as little as ONE DOLLAR. If you do like the service and want to keep it, we'll charge you your first monthly ($4.75) or annual ($47/50) subscription payment on day 91. That's the deal, and there's no fine print.