Same Inbox, Better @Address. From $4.75/mo (free for .edu students)
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Select your chosen alias email address from the addresses available, enter your payment details, and check-out on our secure website. We won't charge you a cent for the subscription cost ($4.75 per month or $47.50 per year). Instead, we'll just charge only the non-refundable reservation cost you agreed upon (basic email names cost $1.00, premium as little as $19.50).

We'll then reserve your new and better alias email @ address and allow you to use it without any recurring cost for 90 days. If needed, during normal business hours M-F we'll  even help you over the phone until you get it connected up to send/receive emails from your existing inbox. Go ahead and use your better alias email @ address!

If you don't like your new AliasEmails email @ddress for any reason, or no reason at all, just contact us within 90 days of purchase authorization and we'll allow you to cancel having not charged you a single cent beyond the non-refundable reservation cost of as little as ONE DOLLAR. If you do like the service and want to keep it, we'll charge you your first monthly ($4.75) or annual ($47/50) subscription payment on day 91. That's the deal, and there's no fine print.