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@Domain Partners- Own an Alias Emails Prospective Address?

We'd like to pay you money to use part of your style domain name that you're likely not currently using, if it matches our criteria.

Selling vanity email addresses has proven a lucrative supplementary income stream for a growing number of websites. However you initially planned upon acquisition to develop and monetize the domain name property that piqued your curiosity to visit this partnership page to see if there might be a fit, you might consider doing something different if the monthly income you're making today doesn't match the money you'd like to be making from your asset during the hold period before any possible future sale.

With today’s technology, you can be up and running to sell email addresses for your site users very quickly and inexpensively without a lot of coding. It's understood that some of our clients will sell vanity emails independent of our efforts to sell them for them. That's fine. Others won't want to bother and are happy to let us do all the work and have all the marketing expense while splitting the profits of making one 'alias emails' customer happy at a time. That's what we're set up to do at this company, and all we do. For the right domain name a new partner owns, we'll even guarantee you a monthly profit minimum from day one that you re-position all or part of the domain to assist our sales efforts.

If you own a website or domain name that attracts traffic from niche visitors— especially those that cater to a geographic niche like a city or country, or a specific social group or hobby whose members identify with intensely— offering consumers the chance to easily and conveniently get and use community-identifying alias email addresses is an easy choice.

Not only do you get a steady income from users with a very "sticky" product (after all, how many years have you had your current email address(es)?), but each time our customers communicate via email with others, your domain name and any business that is or will be built atop it will get the same kind of free exposure that initially put companies like Yahoo and Hotmail on the proverbial map.

Unless we can reach terms on a purchase offer that's reasonable, we're most interested in a joint venture. You'd retain ownership and we don't believe anything we do together will detract from any future resale value for the asset should you desire to do that down the line (quite the opposite we'd think).

Give it time and we think you’ll be surprised at how big this could become.

After all, what is the profit margin on this product? Seriously…what is the profit margin?

Licensing brands for merchandise is hundreds of years old— and selling vanity email addresses is just a few years old in any real sense, because the simple technology to offer alias email addresses without a huge and prohibitive technology investment just didn’t exist.

It’s go time, folks.

One day the executives and managers of companies reading this idea will live in a world where tens of millions of consumers have email addresses like,,,,…and the chance still remains, right here, right now…to get the jump on branded-but-clueless organizations to reap the publicity and mind-share benefits of being the first (or among the first) niche sports, dating, social, hobby, or geo-centric community-builder to market in offering custom vanity email addresses matching a recognizable brand and/or generic meaningful domain name!

To request our working white paper written by company co-founder Danny Welsh, simply fill out the contact request form below and mention which domain name(s) you feel might be a good fit for our program.